Webinar Imminent!


OK, there aren’t actually any Otaku Links this week. I don’t have very many because on Wednesday, I quit Twitter. (And yes, there will be an entire post on that next week!)

For now, I’ve just been prepping for my Sunday webinar with Steven Savage. I’m using Leadpages, Chatango, and Google Hangouts On Air and they all require a bit of legwork. But I’m excited for the educational opportunities—both to share my geek career experience and advice at the webinar, and to explain the tech behind how to give a similar webinar of your own.

I’m pumped for an opportunity to answer direct questions about how I got to where I am today and my techniques for how other people can recreate what I did without all the trial + error, just the parts that actually worked. If you haven’t already signed up, there’s still time! We hope to see you there.

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