Throughout my career, I have written hundreds of articles for outlets like Anime News Network, CNN, the Daily Dot, Forbes, Japanator, Kotaku, PBS, ReadWrite, and more. I specialize in reporting about niche topics in a way anyone can understand. Here is a brief selection of my work.

All dressed up with nowhere to go: Cosplaying in the pandemic

Publication: The Washington Post

How fans and creatives who dress up as their favorite characters adapted to the pandemic.

How American Fans Pirated Japanese Cartoons Into Careers

Publication: Forbes

How your anime subtitle sausage gets made.

GitHub For Beginners: Don’t Get Scared, Get Started

Publication: ReadWrite

A two-part tutorial that gets fan mail to this day.

The most popular, epic webcomic you’ve never heard of

Publication: CNN

Homestuck for beginners.

Otakon 20: The Evolution of a Fandom

Publication: Otaku USA

A twenty year retrospective.