The Geek Blogger's Guide to Your First $1000

You’ve put a lot of work into making your blog awesome.

Now it’s time to make it profitable.

Let me make myself clear: getting rich just from blogging is a very rare thing. Earning a portion of your income, however, is not only doable, it’s realistic!

And yes, you can make your blog profitable without being sneaky, scammy, or scummy about it. 

I make hundreds of dollars a month blogging, while giving away most of my writing for free. Some people don’t even realize that Otaku Journalist generates income!

I created the Geek Blogger’s Guide to Your First $1000 because I know this is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. It’s a struggle between income generation and keeping your readers happy, but I have first-hand experience with figuring out how to find that balance.

There are five lessons in the Geek Blogger’s Guide to Your First $1000 which cover the real techniques I used to make my first $1000 as a blogger, and how I continue to earn:

Lesson 1: Blogging for Money 101
Lesson 2: All About Affiliates
Lesson 3: Working With Ads
Lesson 4: Getting Review Copies
Lesson 5: Digital Products and Services 

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