July 2016 Income Report


Thanks for being so cool about last month’s income report. It can be scary to share this stuff and wonder how people are going to judge me, but I have great readers. So I’m gonna be more open about numbers now.

Financially, this month SUCKED. After taxes, I took home $1,276.36—about half of what I made last month. Worse, I am still owed $2,650.00 for various freelance jobs I’ve done since April. Some of that is from stuff I worked on in June and July, so it’s not technically due yet, but when I am making about $1,000 in a month, I really hope I’ll see some of that soon.

Part of this is my fault. I checked my spreadsheet and noticed I sent an invoice on June 13, and after that I never contacted the client to follow up. It’s important to follow up every 7 days and make sure payments are on track because it’s likely the client has more freelancers than just you. I used to resent this part of freelancing until I realized how organized I need to be to remember to pay my own contributors on time.



This second pie chart might be incorrect math, because the dark blue part is even for both months. I make generally the same amount at my day job every month, plus or minus a few overtime dollars. But what I am trying to show with this chart is that I took home about half of what I did last month.

When my freelance work isn’t going well, my finances as a whole suffer. Ideally, the pie chart should be 50% dark blue, 25% light blue, and 25% medium blue. That would mean that 75% of my income is from me working hard, and 25% just comes in as passive Amazon income, yay!

The problem with this month’s earning is that at the beginning of the year, I mapped out my total yearly income (and day job tax withholding) with the 50-25-25 assumption in mind. Since that’s not happening, I’ll probably get a big tax return in April 2017, but I’d rather be meeting my expected income goals instead.


Even during a low month, I still pay about the same amount on expenditures. I have to pay my Gunpla 101 contributors, my web hosting, and my Freckle time-tracker fee. That means this profit vs. loss bar is teetering closer to 50-50 than I’d like.

Overall, this is kind of embarrassing. This summer is a low point in my five-year freelance career. My day job doesn’t pay much (and the extreme withholding doesn’t help) but it takes up a lot of my time, so I don’t spend as much time looking for new freelance opportunities or hounding my current clients to pay me what I’m owed. On the other hand, it gives me a higher baseline so even if I do have a crappy month in which nobody else pays me, I can still pay all my bills. (Definitely won’t be putting anything in savings this month, though, which could be a problem if I subsist like this for too long.)

My August financial goals are:

  • Get paid. Contact everyone who owes me and get those checks in the mail.
  • Beef up my affiliate sites with new content. If my freelance work isn’t going to pay the bills, maybe the key is to make Amazon go from 25 to 50% of the pie chart.
  • Limit spending. I’ve been going out to eat a lot lately, and that’s my biggest money weakness. I want to be able to put money in my savings account next month.

How’d your July go? Any financial goals for the month to come?

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